Thank you for your interest in nominating students to attend an upcoming MYLead conference. The nomination process is up to the school and can be as simple or involved as you would like. MYLead will be holding three conferences in 2021, taking place in May and June. Your school is welcome to nominate up to ten total students in 2021. MYLead will provide a full scholarship for the first student from your school to attend. This means that the first attendee will be free of charge to the school/student. This is made possible by generous community leaders, organizations, businesses, and individuals who believe in the positive impact MYLead has on sophomores. In an effort to make the MYLead experience available to even more students, we will also provide a full scholarship for the tenth student nominated. To take advantage of this second scholarship, we simply ask that you make sure at least one (if not both) of the scholarships is provided to an individual that may not otherwise have the financial means to attend a leadership conference of this nature.

In other words, as long as your school sends the maximum number of students (ten), the first and tenth student will be able to attend the conference completely free of charge to the school/student. If you send more than one student, your school will be invoiced $185 for each of the other students in the spring. It is the school’s responsibility to determine how payment will be made for the other nominees. Each school approaches it differently. Some have funds reserved in their budget, others ask the PTO or a community organization to cover the registration fees, and others have the nominated students/parents submit payment directly. Please determine how your school will cover the registration fees and inform each nominee accordingly.

Click here for a general overview of the MYLead program.

Below, you can find our suggested steps for getting involved with MYLead.



Share this information with other faculty or staff you think would be interested in being involved with you in your school’s nomination process.



Determine how you want to select your nominee(s). The only requirement MYLead has is that the student must be a sophomore during the current school year. All other criteria are up to you. Each school may choose to nominate by any means they choose.



You can be as creative of simple as you wish- the power is yours! Some ideas include: school announcements, newsletters or newspaper, teachers, previous MYLead participants, classes, flyers social media, or the school website.



Select your exceptional sophomore(s). Regardless of whether you select one, two, three, or four students to participate, MYLead strongly suggests specifying an alternative nominee who can be contacted if one of the initial nominees is unable to attend. Students often have conflicts with conference times. Specifying an alternate helps ensure your school will be represented.



Inform each nominee. Be sure to tell them why he/she has been selected. Positive encouragement is wonderful and leadership comes in many forms-academic, extracurricular, service, peer influence, etc.



Submit your nomination to MYLead. The quickest way to submit your nomination is online. This can be done by clicking here, and using the login name and password that was sent to you by our Recruitment Team. If you do not have login credentials or need to know who we have listed as the primary contact for your school, please contact us at Please refer to this example from prior years, and be sure to include parent contact information as it enables MYLead to share more details about the program directly with parents.

If you have questions, please contact and we will be happy to assist.