The MYLead experience is not just another boring leadership seminar. The MYLead Virtual Summit is MYLead’s condensed, virtual version of the flagship program MYLead has been hosting since 2003. Inspiring role models, interactive dialogue, fun energizers, and incredible peers combine to make it an amazing experience. 

MYLead hosted the first-ever Virtual Summit in 2020 and received such positive feedback that we decided to integrate it into our offerings for 2021. We will now be fully virtual for 2021 events, so we will be offering two date options for participants to choose from.

Virtual Summit Dates:

May 21-23, 2021 

June 4-6, 2021

At the Summit, young leaders spend time exploring their unique leadership traits. Instead of providing a predefined set of attributes, MYLead creates space for participants to harness their strengths to be the best leader they can be.  

At the MYLead Virtual Summit, attendees can expect to:

  • Meet incredible peers with diverse backgrounds, each with different leadership styles and experiences.  
  • Learn from inspiring, motivating, and captivating speakers about timeless leadership principles.
  • Engage with positive peer role models employing leadership in their communities.
  • Build self-confidence in a positive and safe virtual environment.
  • Actively practice new skills during interactive virtual sessions.
  • Participate in fun team-building exercises, games, and energizers.
  • Engage in exploratory dialogue where individuals express their views and experiences.
  • Undertake self-reflection to unlock hidden potential and perform at a higher level.

The MYLead Virtual Summit is exclusively available for high school sophomores and juniors that have been nominated by their school to attend.  Over 500 young leaders in total are expected to attend from across the state in 2021.  

All participants and group volunteers are encouraged to attend all sessions to get the most out of the experience.  


Every single group leader was so encouraging. They all made me feel heard and loved.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The homegroup sessions helped me to get out of my shell and be more willing to interact with new people and open up.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It made my goals seem actually possible and allowed me to set concrete steps of what I need to do to make them a reality.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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MYLead Virtual Summit!

If you have questions about MYLead, please see answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If your questions are not addressed, email or leave us a message at (888) 269-4075. One of our volunteers will be more than happy to connect. 

I’d like to attend… How can I find out if my school participates so I can get nominated?

Fill out this form.  One of our recruitment directors will reach out to you with more details.

When is the Virtual Summit?

You can pick one of two options. May 21-23, 2021 or June 4-6, 2021   

Who can participate in the Virtual Summit?

The MYLead Virtual Summit is exclusively available for high school sophomores and juniors that have been nominated by their school to attend.

I don’t know anyone else attending.  Will it be easy to meet new people?

Absolutely!  Each individual is assigned to a “homegroup” of eight to ten participants, plus 2-3 MYLead volunteers for the duration of the summit. You will be immediately introduced to your homegroup and have an opportunity to spend time together intermittently throughout the weekend. 

This small group provides a personalized, thought-provoking, and memorable home-base where you will be able to connect and engage with peers from across the state.  Many recall their homegroup time as the most powerful and impactful time for building new friendships.  

In addition to time with your homegroup, you will be able to meet leaders from other groups during structured activities, games, and energizers.  MYLead does everything it can to make meeting new people fun and easy.  

What kind of things will we be doing at the Virtual Summit?

The weekend will begin with a keynote speaker.  For the next two days, participants attend a series of interactive workshops and team-building sessions where dialogue, hands-on experiences, and informal debate enhance the learning process. 

Fun exercises, games, and energizers are mixed in to keep things fun and encourage networking with peers from across the state.  Reflection time and small group discussions are used to help individuals process everything they are learning. 

On Sunday, the weekend will wrap up with networking, the final speaker, and a discussion about opportunities after the summit. 

Does MYLead promote teachings from a specific religion, political party, or way of thinking?

Absolutely not.  Volunteers are asked to refrain from encouraging any specific political party, religion, or way of thinking. Instead, we focus on providing a safe, positive, and open space where individual young leaders can express themselves without fear of judgment or intimidation.  

Is attendance required for the full weekend?

Yes, it is highly encouraged! We build the program to be interactive and encourage all participants and group volunteers to stay engaged with the group, for the entire duration of the summit.  The program is designed so that each session builds on the last.

One of the reasons MYLead offers multiple weekends is so that students can select the weekend that works best for their schedule after taking into consideration college prep tests, sports schedules, graduation, end of year performances, etc.

What do I need to be able to attend?

A computer, laptop, or similar device with a camera that you can use to stream presentations and interact directly with your group members during small group sessions.

The specific platform along with any instructions will be provided in the weeks leading up to the event.  For the safety of attendees, these will only be provided to individuals who are signed up to attend.

What if my schedule changes and I need to switch the weekend I registered for, or cancel?

Email  The recruitment directors can help you switch to a new weekend, or coordinate with your school so that another young leader has the opportunity to attend.

As a participant, do I need to pay to attend MYLead? 

MYLead works with the school, not individual students to collect payment if needed. 

MYLead fully covers the cost for at least one person nominated by every school in the state to attend, free of charge to the school and the student.  We do this to ensure MYLead is accessible, no matter where someone lives or what financial circumstances they might be facing. 

If a school nominates more than one student to attend, MYLead bills the school for each additional student.  Each school handles processing payments differently.  Please check with the school administrator who nominated you to see if you owe anything and how payment should be handled.  

How can family members learn more about what happens at MYLead?

Family members are invited to see behind the scenes and learn about what students have been experiencing.  More details will be made available and sent via email closer to the event.

The family program is open to all and completely free of charge.  We highly encourage folks to take part so they know how to best support their young leaders in putting the things they have learned into action. 

After the Virtual Summit, how can I stay connected with MYLead?

MYLead is fully run by volunteers that are committed to the mission and values MYLead upholds. We are always looking for volunteers. If you or your family members are interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities with MYLead, please visit our Volunteer page

MYLead Community has a student-led board that plans social and philanthropic gatherings for MYLead alum throughout the year.  Past events have featured picnics, sport-outings, scavenger hunts, park clean-up efforts, formal galas, movie/game nights, college prep Q&As, etc.  You are welcome to attend any event, or volunteer for the community board to help plan them for others. 

Many folks choose to come back as weekend volunteers for the Summit and Conferences to provide the MYLead experience for future young leaders that attend.

The planning team takes it a step further and actually organizes weekend volunteers and puts together all the details for the big events – Conferences and Summit – from start to finish.    

The corporate board provides more senior folks an opportunity to engage their expertise in a given field.  They set the longer-term vision and strategic direction for the organization.