Think of a time when you had a positively life-changing experience. For each of us, this could be something different. Perhaps you’re remembering a special teacher, a group you’ve worked with, a time when you had a sudden realization, or another life-altering experience. Think of the increased confidence, positive emotions, reduced anxieties, and self-affirmation you felt in that experience, and how it altered your outlook and sense of possibilities. This is how, time and again, year after year, MYLead alumni have expressed their personal MYLead experience. We invite you to take part in enabling that difference.  Both students and parents often tell us they wish every student in Michigan could experience MYLead; we are working toward that ideal.

The fundamental building block of MYLead’s funding strategy is the cost of enabling one student to participate in MYLead’s life-changing program: only $185.  Can you support one student?  Part of a student’s attendance?  Attendance for a large number of students?  We can work with you to match your giving strategy and goals to supporting MYLead programs.  We can apply to donation wherever it is needed, or to a specific school, community, or region of the state.  We also offer larger sponsorship and associated advertising placement opportunities.  To discuss possibilities in more details, contact Olivia Ghislain, MYLead Director of Advancement, at or (888) 269-4075.

MYLead Gift Form

MYLead is a 501(c)3 non-profit, meaning your donation is eligible for tax deduction.

Quantifying the impact of MYLead, on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we conducted an extensive survey and found alums:

  • Become more likely to be viewed as a leader and positive role model by their peers.
  • Spend 15 hours per week more than their average peer participating in extra-curricular and other community service activities.
  • Experience a long-lasting 50% reduction in the emotions associated with negative peer pressure.
  • Are more likely to have specific, written goals for their future.  Written goals are a key indicator of individual success.
  • Increased their GPA to an average of 3.81 on a 4.00 scale.