Meet A MYLeader: Nolan VanWormer

We thank Nolan for his longtime work as a MYLead volunteer and board member, and his monetary support of our mission through his small business, ENVY Engineering! Learn a bit more about Nolan and his stupendous journey below: 

Q: How many years have you been involved with MYLead?

  • A: 2021 marks my 10th year as a volunteer with MYLead. In those 10 years I have held many different roles. I have been a CA at 4 conferences, CA Directed 5 conferences, been a GF twice, Co-chaired an in person conference and the first MYLead Virtual Summit, currently I am a GF director and Corporate Board secretary.   

Q: If you had to pick one thing you love about being a MYLead volunteer, what would it be?

  • A: My favorite thing about being a MYLead volunteer is the people. The MYLead volunteer base contains some of the most stupendous people I have ever met, and seeing the growth in students in 3 short days is incredible.

Q: Besides being a stupendous member of the MYLead team, what are you currently up to?

  • A: Outside of MYLead I volunteer a lot as a mentor for FIRST Robotics team 818 the steel armadillos. I am also the recruitment advisor for Kettering’s Beta Theta Pi chapter. When not volunteering or doing work for my business I love to play board games, and look forward to getting back into rock climbing as COVID allows that to happen.

Q: What initiated the idea to start your own small business?

  • A: I have been wood working and making projects since I was about 8 and I get so much enjoyment out of helping people bring their ideas to life. 

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to fellow entrepreneurs?

  • A: I am no expert in business, but if anyone is looking to start their own business my first piece of advice is to be ready to fully commit to your business. It is going to take a lot of time and effort and you will have doubts, but don’t give up too early.