Will you be seeking a new job/internship in 2021?  If so, this is for you…

The upcoming holiday season is one where so many of us will be able to reflect on the last year and express gratitude for all of the wonderful people and things we have in our lives.  We will look back on the major milestones we have achieved and recount the key things that helped us to reach them.  Once we have done that reflection and sufficiently recounted all that is wonderful in our lives, we will then look to the future and map out where our journey will lead.  For many of us, that journey may include a new job or internship.    

MYLead Community secured an HR professional, with 18 years of experience, to provide best practices on resume writing and interviewing.  

If you are considering a job search – whether for an internship or a full-time position – and would like to get advice from a professional, fill out this interest survey now. 

If there is enough expressed interest by December 5, we will schedule the mini-series and formally announce days and times for early January.  

We look forward to providing this opportunity to help you achieve your career next step in 2021!