For this first time ever, MYLead will hold a 2020 Virtual Summit– a highly interactive MYLead gathering via video conference. There will be lots of ways to build your leadership, bond with a home group, have fun, and talk with plenty of young leaders. There will be five total sessions on Saturday’s from May 23rd to June 20th, 3-5:30pm each day. If you are a HS student nominated for the 2020 conferences looking for more information, please click here. If you are a MYLead volunteer looking for more information, please click hereIf you’d like to see the Virtual Summit schedule, please continue to read below.

For a more detailed schedule, please click here to register for the Virtual Summit. You do need your MYLead username and password, so feel free to email if there is an issue. 



May 23rd: Show Your School Spirit!

Opening motivational speaker. Stepping outside your comfort zone. Justin Ryan has energized MYLead crowds for 18 years with his inspiring message about living your life to the fullest by stepping outside your comfort zone. You’ll also get to meet your home group and have plenty of time for engaging discussion.

May 30th: Red, White, & Blue

Leadership learning from the pandemic. The current pandemic is an incredible time to see leadership in action. This panel includes leaders from different perspectives in the pandemic. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers and time to continue discussions with your home group.

June 6th: Crazy Hair/Hat Day

Leadership skills development. Highly interactive session where you can learn from experts and refine your own leadership on many dimensions, all while meeting many new people as well as continuing to develop your leadership as a home group.

June 13th: Home Group Creative Theme

Leadership styles. Highly interactive session where you learn more about your style and approach as a leader, what makes you similar, and what makes you different from other leaders, all while meeting many new people and continuing to explore your leadership styles as a home group.

June 20th: Dress Your Best

Finale. We are still evolving exactly what this will look like. Based on the first four sessions, we are putting together a fun and engaging leadership send-off for our last session together. There will also be special awards to be presented in each home group.