MYLead Conference Alumni (CA) is a volunteer role with MYLead that is specifically for recent participants in a MYLead conference.  CAs provide the energy and positive role model that helps make the MYLead conference such a memorable experience.

If you are interested in being a CA, the requirements are:

  • MYLead conference alum.
  • Under 21 at the time of the conference.
  • Commit to staying on-site the entire conference weekend.
  • Fundraise $275 to support the conference (for the first three calendar years of being a CA. $0 for the 4th year and beyond).
  • Due to no fundraising, 4th year and beyond CAs are expected to volunteer a significant amount to help in conference planning.
  • Log 100 hours of community service, from May 1-April 30 (ie, roughly the 12 months before the conference) .
  • Participate in at least one of the CA training sessions.

Applications to be a CA for the 2020 MYLead conferences are now closed. Please contact with questions.