One aspect of the MYLead conference is interactive workshops on topics of greatest interest to our conference participants.  Workshops we are considering this year are listed below.  The final roster of workshops will be dependent on interest shown in the different workshops through pre-conference registration:

Public speaking. We all get a little nervous when we hear the words “public speaking”, but that’ll go away once you take this class! In this workshop you will learn how to improve your public speaking skills through instruction and practice. By the end of this class you’ll be giving speeches like a Grammy winner.

Positive relationships.  In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll practice ways to build healthy and productive in-person relationships.  We’ll also talk through many examples of healthy as well as toxic relationships, and how make them each more positive.

Motivating others. Learn how to motivate others through discovering your own why! Are you passionate about an organization, position, or future career? This workshop will provide you with tools and skills to turn this passion into the ability to motivate the people you will need in order to be successful in whatever endeavors you are currently a part of or may to choose to pursue in the future!

What’s Next. Half way through your high school career and nervous about the future? There’s no need for that! In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to use your leadership skills as a successful tool to help you get ahead, regardless of where you plan on going!

Resume building.  Does your high school lack a class on filling out job applications and building a resume, but you’re interested in this? If so, this is the perfect workshop for you! Learn the basics of applications and resumes to help you with getting your future dream job!  

Emotional intelligence.  Do you sometimes feel disconnected, even though you are surrounded by people?  Like others don’t understand how you feel because they haven’t walked in your shoes?  Or maybe you see a friend or loved one slipping away because they are going through something difficult.  Emotions are powerful.  When we recognize how to harness our experiences and our emotions, we are able to find new ways of connecting.  There is strength in knowing we are not alone.  Come to this workshop to discover how to turn your experiences into powerful tools that can strengthen the way you connect and communicate with others.

Leading change. Do you wish to create change but are unsure how to facilitate this? This workshop will give you the basics on how to lead change, and navigate adversity in your ideas, in today’s world and on. Learn how to motivate others and execute your ideas while changing the world around you.

Leadership through adversity. Social pressures and stress are an adversity everyone has to face. Learn how to navigate through these and express your own personal leadership style. Be you, be unique, and change the world.

Leadership in the arts.  Are you a theatre buff? Are you involved or interested in the arts? Learn how to take your leadership home with you and become a leader in your artistic avenues as well as your passions.

Leadership in sports. Are you a team captain? Do you want to lead your team to victory? With this workshop learn how to lead your team with encouragement using your own personal leadership style.

Women in leadership. Do you struggle with being a woman in leadership? Do you have a woman in your life who struggles with leadership? Through this workshop you will learn different ways for women to effectively lead and change the world around you. **All genders welcome in workshop**

Idea generation.  Every great thing started with an simple idea. In this workshop, you’ll learn everything about ideas – where they come from, how to put them in motion, what distinguishes a good one from a bad one, and how to gain support surrounding them!

Social media. Social media is very prevalent in today’s world. In this workshop learn how to keep your social media in a professional, yet fun, to create a lasting brand for yourself.

Financial literacy. What’s the difference between a credit card and a debit card? Do I really need a bank account? If you’ve asked yourself any of this recently, let us help! In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of how to manage your own finances.