Michigan Youth Leadership (MYLead) is about positively transforming the lives of Michigan youth.  MYLead is sought as a leadership development program of choice by high schools across the state.  Our mission is to motivate and enable the youth of Michigan to continuously make a positive impact on their communities through leadership and service.

MYLead’s flagship programs are high-energy 3-day youth leadership conferences held each spring. On-going programs are also provided to MYLead alumni through the MYLead Alumni Program (MYLead Community).  Years later, participants recall MYLead programs as a positive turning point to realizing personal leadership potential in our Michigan communities.

Outcomes for participants of MYLead programs include enhanced self-confidence, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and desire to serve others. Specific leadership tools are provided, including stepping outside one’s comfort zone, understanding different leadership styles, goal setting, public speaking, ways to motivate others, and more. A key ingredient to these outcomes is the opportunity to interact with peer leaders from across our great state. 100% of MYLead alumni would recommend MYLead to a friend.  For more detail, check out results of our extensive 10 year survey, click here for survey information.

MYLead is operated entirely by volunteers, over 200 in total. Not a single member of our staff is paid. MYLead is funded largely through donations from community groups, businesses, and individuals.  This makes MYlead accessible to all high schools across the state.  Our volunteers and supporters are motivated by the tremendous impact year after year in the lives of participants. MYLead is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit.

MYLead, developing young leaders who are the future of Michigan.