MYLead Corporate Board Role Descriptions

Thank you for your interest in applying for a volunteer leadership role within MYLead!  Regardless of the role(s) you are interested in volunteering for in MYLead, the following will help enable success as a leader in MYLead:

Strong and eloquent communicator – relate to diverse groups verbally and in writing.

Analytical thinker – bring together disparate pieces and solve complex problems.

Organizer – keep track of many details in a way others can readily understand.

Adaptable – effectively responds to changing circumstances

Dedicated – has consistently demonstrated loyalty to MYLead

Reliable – has consistently participated & followed through on commitments to MYLead

Familiarity – is familiar with the operations of MYLead, having volunteers in other roles

Experience – has experiences relevant to success in the role(s) of interest.

Specific Roles:

Student Recruitment Co-Director (Corporate Board)

Description: Overall leadership in planning and execution of all interaction with schools, parents, and students in recruiting YLs to attend MYLead conferences.


  • Recruit, recognize, motivate, and retain recruitment committee volunteers.
  • Define yearly nomination and recruitment schedule.
  • Plan and oversee communications with schools to enable nominations.
  • Retain existing schools and seek out new schools.
  • Plan and oversee communications with students to enable conference registration.
  • Track relevant metrics to measure success of efforts and adapt accordingly.
  • High degree of organization and ability to effectively delegate required.

Conference Chairperson (Corporate Board and Conference Planning Team)

Description: Overall leadership role in planning annual MYLead conferences, including programming, staffing (GFs, CAs, and behind the scenes), facilities, and logistics.


  • Liaison between the corporate board and conference planning team.
  • Coordinates efforts of conference planning committees.
  • Defines conference planning schedule.
  • Recruit, recognize, motivate, and retain conference volunteers.
  • Fill gaps where they may exist in conference planning.

Treasurer (Corporate Board)

Description: Responsible for the overall accounting, budgeting and financial guidance of the overall MYLead organization. 


  • Maintaining incoming payments and outgoing invoices
  • Creating yearly budgets, tracking trends, and making suggestions for the overall well being of the organization
  • Will check the PO Box for incoming mail
  • Track any consent forms received within the portal

Director of Advancement (Corporate Board)

Description: This position works with community groups, corporations and individuals to provide financial resources to make MYLead possible. 


  • Applies for grants, corporate sponsorships and donations 
  • Sets financial goals with the corporate board, in order to expand our financial reach
  • Finds innovative ways to partner with other parts of the organization (example: MYLead Community) to build a relationship with all parts of the MYLead team and community. 
  • Becomes the face of the organization to the outside-MYLead world
  • Merchandise Manager reports to this director to aid in advancement goals

MYLead Community Advisor (Corporate Board)

Description: Active mentor for the MYLead Community team. Mentors MYLead Community board members, and ensures their events and activities match the MYLead mission. 


  • Attend MYLead Community meetings and events
  • Actively mentor MYLead Community board members, in an effort to grow their leadership skills and expand their potential. 
  • Fill gaps within MYLead Community as needed. 

Safety Coordinator

Description: Ensures that MYLead has the necessary policies and processes in place to protect our Young Leaders, volunteers, and overall organization. Works with the President and Corporate Board as needed to maintain and improve safety protocol. Maintains confidentiality of all knowledge obtained while performing the role.


  • Communicating safety protocols and policies prior to the conferences so staff can be prepared to react accordingly. May support or facilitate training of said policies.
  • Updates and maintains all documentation of policies including handbooks and reference materials
  • Runs volunteer background checks on a monthly basis and escalates any issues to the appropriate channel
  • Provides recommendations on improvements to the Corporate Board as needed

Special Consideration:

  • Must be 21+
  • Cannot simultaneously hold a position directly managing volunteers (i.e. Co-Chair, GF Director, CA Director, etc.)
  • Must pass a background check immediately prior to assuming the position

Communications Director (Corporate Board)

Description: Responsible for the overall public image of MYLead and the MYLead brand. 


  • Maintain the MYLead brand image and logo
  • Create meaningful content for all social media platforms
  • Create any new email addresses for MYLead volunteers, and expire old ones, as needed
  • Update the website, as needed
  • Work with all areas of MYLead, including recruitment, advancement, MYLead community and conference planning, to further their efforts.