“TO Motivate and enable the youth of Michigan to continuously make a positive impact on their communities through leadership and service.”

our mission.

Radiate “Warm Fuzzies.” Welcome with open hearts and open minds.  

  • Bring individuals together, cultivating an inclusive, encouraging, and supportive community.
  • Create a mindful space where everyone can feel safety and belonging.
  • Celebrate uniqueness and embrace diversity, enabling individuals to be themselves.
  • Lift each other up, offering encouragement, positivity, confidence, and grace.
  • Authentically engage to make time together meaningful, interesting, and fun.
  • Act with integrity, honesty, empathy, and kindness.

Build Relationships. Collaborate openly, break silos, and connect as humans.

  • Embrace human differences as an opportunity to enrich interactions rather than build barriers.
  • Open our minds to different backgrounds, experiences, and world views.
  • Engage in constructive dialogue to explore different ideas, opinions, and points of view.
  • Listen and learn with heart, showing empathy, humility, and respect.
  • Speak our minds constructively and respectfully.  
  • Seek, accept, and offer constructive and respectful feedback.

Empower Leaders. Enable transformation by taking bold and inspired actions.

  • Seek new experiences to expand comfort zones and unlock unrealized leadership potential, for ourselves and for others.
  • Advance courageously, building confidence and momentum one step at a time.
  • Fail forward, actively use challenges and successes alike as building blocks for our future and as “teachable moments” for all those we inspire. 
  • Remove obstacles, ask tough questions, and think outside the box to intentionally support leadership development. 
  • Cultivate teams that are our biggest challengers and our loudest supporters.
  • Thirst for knowledge. Continuously pursue and provide opportunities for growth and learning.

Inspire Positive Change. Meaningfully impact our communities through service.

  • Spark motivation, excitement, and positive action with our energy, words, and actions. 
  • Deliver impactful solutions and drive meaningful change for causes bigger than ourselves.
  • Think big. Anything is possible when we engage, stay focused, and act in the service of others.
  • Stop wondering “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and start taking action to bring ideas to life. 
  • Challenge the status quo and innovate.  Be willing to test, learn, and iterate as we go.
  • Have fun and embrace the journey.